Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitars,

Mandolin, Saxophone


Ian's a Red Sox fan, aces promoter and agent provocateur -- assuming you're the one that needs provoking.  Having graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, he knows that fancy music means nothing if it ain't got soul.


Here in Seattle, Ian writes and performs on his own, with the Dunnhill Players and the Brian Marshall Band.  In the past, Ian played in bands too numerous to recount -- their vast number by no means diminishing their legend and stature.


Ian also heads Seattle booking agency Flying Irishman Productions and is co-owner of the legendary West Seattle club The Admiral Benbow.  In other words, RebelMart's in with the booker there.


Guitar, sometimes Drums, Backing Vocals


Patrick crossed not one but two mountain ranges to end up in RebelMart.  Originally from Colorado, Patrick is one of Seattle's great musicians.  A writer and singer of countless songs, many of the boxcar train variety, Patrick plays drums with the same fervor and creativity.


RebelMart ain't Patrick's only ensemble.  He plays guitar and keyboards for Seattle's seminal big-sound outfit The Bend, and also hosts the city's best singer/songwriter night, the Starlite, on Tuesday evenings at Shadowland in West Seattle.


Patrick will also regale you with infinite analysis of the t.v. show Adventuretime.


Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Harmonica, Melodica, Bohdran


Scott's been at it a while.  Past bands include The Service, The Spunk Lads, the Devil's Advocates and one dust-'em-up U.S. tour playing guitar for British ska legends Bad Manners.


Scott's first album, besides the two unreleased Service discs in the 1980s, was 1994's Ya Got A Kalashnikov Ya Got A Job.  That was followed by The Wrong Kind Of Asshole For America (1997) and Snipers In Derelict Houses (with the Devil's Advocates and United 32s, 1999).  Various Spunk Lads records were released in the 2000s.


Scott is also a steering committee member of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.  Past and current dogs include JayBee, Connolly, Sirius, Tikkanen and most recently, Annie Dihigo.